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Works of art from Kasia Kay Art Project gallery are on display throughout Lightology's showroom.

Ultra Violet Biography

The multifaceted artist Ultra Violet (nee Isabelle Collin Dufresne) is one of the most noteworthy personalities of the avant-garde in both Europe and America.

In recent years she has established herself on the Cote d'Azur of France after 30 years of life in New York. Presently she divides her time between her studio in Nice and her penthouse apartment in Manhattan.

A native of the Grenoble region of France, the young Isabelle Dufresne began her painting career in the 1950s under the guidance of the grand master of Surrealism, Salvador Dali, to whom she served as muse for a decade.

In 1963, Dufresne met Andy Warhol, the king of Pop Art. She adopted the name Ultra Violet, became one of Warhol's most visible superstars, and engaged actively in the American cultural revolution of the 60s through her association with Andy's legendary studio, The Factory.

Voluminous archives of photographs, films, posters, articles, interviews, writings, recordings, musical compositions and art works attest to Ultra Violet's versatility and creative imagination.


entitled "Till Death Do Us Part," featuring:

Kasia Kay Art Projects gallery

CHICAGO, IL: This unique apparatus is a judgment seat inspired by sweetheart-settee chairs (18th and 19th century romantic courtship chairs) as well as Andy Warhol's poignant silkscreen, depicting Sing Sing's electric chair.

Neo-Pop artist, ULTRA VIOLET'S "TWIN ELECTRIC CHAIR" invention entices our examination of current ROMANTIC trends as well as current CORRECTIONAL SYSTEMS' capital punishment policies.

ULTRA VIOLET creates a HIGH VOLTAGE VISIONARY INSTALLATION, which questions the dichotomous duality/opposition of contemporary romance/ love in direct correlation to the "spider/fly" relationship of the executioner /executed.

Ultra Violet's electronic "sweetheart-settee" dares us to consider whether it would be more convivial to DIE HAVING "EYE-TO-EYE" CONTACT with ANOTHER, hopefully a lover? Ultra Violet evokes a divine exhortation, "Thou Shall Not Kill!"

Does GOD (AUTHOR OF LIFE) authorize men to induce death upon their fellow man? Have we grown so alienated to the feeling of love, be it romantic love or redemptive love that we cannot imagine love as the ultimate redemption of the condemned?

Death and resurrection are a constant paradigm hovering over the human soul. For example, both LOVE and DEATH are apparent in the marriage vow, "To love and to cherish, till death do us part." Hence, the obvious "love and death connection" signifies the saving grace of love and the saving grace of the condemned, the yin and the yang, the 2 sides of the chair, the opposition in all things, the duality, the binary contraposition, which simultaneously reveals one and the same proposition.

Two Humming Birds, 2006
Robert Lostutter, Ellen Sandor, and Nick Gaul, (art)n

40"x24" Digital PHSCologram, Duratrans, Kodalith, Plexiglas. This PHSCologram is based on Robert Lostutter's watercolor, "The Humming Birds" created during the late 1980's. (art)n's collaboration with Lostutter, a key figure from the historical Hairy Who Movement in Chicago, is part of an on-going series of works with Chicago Imagist painters. Courtesy kasia kay art projects gallery, Chicago;