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Ceiling Surface Adjustable Spot Heads

Ceiling adjustable spotlights with canopy are pefect for accent lighting. Complete directional spot lights let you add layers to the space by directling lights at different objects such as art, pictures or collectibles.

You can also create a spot light by combining adjustable spot head with a canopy of your choice. You can use single port canopy or multi port canopy to built your own ceiling spot light. Fast jack system allows allows a designer or homeowner to easily install, change or adjust the lighting scenario to fit changing moods and seasons.

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FJ Chopper Head
Edge Lighting
$108 - $150
FJ Phi Pro Aim Head
Edge Lighting
$129 - $154
FJ Box Pro Aim Head
Edge Lighting
$139 - $176
FJ Scope LED Head
Edge Lighting
$260 - $273
FJ Neo Pro Aim Head
Edge Lighting
$87 - $110
FJ Function Round Head
Edge Lighting
$108 - $130
FJ Adam Pro Aim Head
Edge Lighting
$87 - $102
FJ Atlas LED Head
Edge Lighting
$259 - $288
Showing 1-8 of 8