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Ceiling Down Lighting

At Lightology, our goal is simple: to be the premier contemporary lighting company for both homeowners and design professionals. Lightology offers over 30,000 contemporary indoor and outdoor lighting products, including ceiling recessed downlights, ceiling recessed accent lighting, ceiling recessed adjustable light fixtures and more!

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Brand : Contrast Lighting   ×
Trim Size : 3"   ×
Voltage : 120 V   ×
Trim Function : Shower/Lensed   ×
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LEDS345 3.5 Inch 12W Wide Beam Shower Trim
Contrast Lighting
$164 - $179
LEDS345 3.5 Inch 18W Wide Beam Shower Trim
Contrast Lighting
$173 - $188
Showing 1-7 of 7