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Canopy Mount Wall Reading Arms

Perfect for reading in bed and other activities, canopied wall mount reading lights put convenient bedroom lighting at your fingertips. Whether they are decorative ambient light sources with shades, more utilitarian task lights with a focused beam, or a combination of both, these “convenient” swing arms and gooseneck reading lights give you the bedside light you need without taking up space on the nightstand. Browse swing arm and reading wall sconces from brands like Artemide, Edge Lighting, George Kovacs, Holtkotter, Robert Abbey, and more.
Your Selections:
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AX20 GR Wall Sconce
Axo Light
P4308 LED Swing Wall Sconce
George Kovacs
3204 Wall Sconce
Lightology Collection
Perch Swing Arm Wall Light
Sonneman A Way Of Light
Aria Wall Sconce
Lightology Collection
$119 - $134
Cue LED Swing Arm Lamp
W.A.C Lighting
A-47 Basic Wall with LED Reading Light
Lightology Collection
$325 - $385
Basik 02 Wall Lamp
$540 - $609
Luccas AP10 Wall Reading Arm
Modiss Illuminacion
Versahl Spot Light
$111 - $128
Westbrook Swing Arm Wall Sconce
Elk Lighting
$158 - $198
10108 Swing Arm Wall Sconce
Elk Lighting
$158 - $198
Celina Swingarm Wall Sconce
Elk Lighting
$178 - $218
Boring Wall Sconce
George Kovacs
Lanza Swing Arm Wall Sconce
Elk Lighting
$150 - $190
Face Pared Swing Arm Lamp
WPT Design
$285 - $332
Cue Dual Swing Arm Wall Sconce
W.A.C Lighting
A-46 Basic Wall with LED Reading Light
Lightology Collection
$282 - $362
Flexo LED Wall Lamp
$531 - $576
Carlota Wall Lamp
$567 - $613
A-34 Del LED Adjustable Wall Lamp
Lightology Collection
$456 - $587
Tata Wall Lamp
$560 - $640
Carre Swing Arm Wall Sconce
Zaneen Lighting