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FJ Ice Pendant
Antique Bronze Polished Nickel Satin Nickel 
by Edge Lighting
$128 - $184
Freejack Piper Pendant
Antique Bronze Black/Satin Nickel Satin Nickel White/Satin Nickel 
by Tech Lighting
$178 - $190
Freejack LED Sugar Pendant
Amber Aqua Violet White 
by Tech Lighting
$318 - $330
Freejack LED Pele Pendant
Antique Bronze Chrome Satin Nickel 
by Tech Lighting
$264 - $276
Freejack Halogen Topo Pendant
Heather Gray / Maple Heather Gray / Walnut White / Maple White / Walnut 
by Tech Lighting
$268 - $280

Freejack Pendants

Fastjack and freejack pendants are incredibly versatile fixtures that give you the power to design the perfect custom lighting solutions. Freejack fixtures make interior lighting a simple matter, allowing for easy installation and effortless updates. Whenever you want a new look, switching out your freejack pendant lights is as simple as unscrewing the connectors.

These low-voltage pendant lights are flexible and are compatible with single port or multi-port freejack ceiling canopies, as well as monorail systems. Hang individual freejack pendants from monopoint canopies for low-voltage pendant lighting wherever you want it. Try replacing your bedside table lamps with a single pendant hung over each side table.

Attach freejack pendants to a linear multi-port canopy for decorative kitchen island lighting; pair the pendants with freejack adjustable accent heads on the same canopy for added task lighting. For an intimate setting, hang a cluster of freejack pendants on a canopy above your dining room table. This same technique works well for entryway or foyer lighting. Stagger pendants at different heights for a dynamic look that adds movement to a space, or keep them all at the same height for an orderly, polished look.

While freejack canopies offer the cleanest design solution for hanging your pendant masterpieces, ceiling junction boxes are not always conveniently located exactly where you want to hang your lights. Enter monorail, a low-voltage lighting system similar to track lighting that draws its power from the junction box but extends along the ceiling wherever you need your lights. Ideal for kitchen islands and dining room tables, hang your freejack pendants from monorail whenever that junction box isn't where you need it to be. Again, you can mix your designer pendant lighting with freejack accent heads for added task lighting, accent lighting or art lighting. For more information about monorail, read our Monorail Lighting Guide.

From hand-blown glass lights to sleek, modern metals, our wide selection of pendants offers endless design options to suit a variety of tastes. Browse freejack pendants, LED freejack pendants and other specialty lighting from Edge Lighting, Tech Lighting, LBL Lighting and more.