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Heads for Tech Lighting Monorail 1 Circuit

These Tech Lighting monorail directional heads put light precisely where you want it and give you the ultimate flexibility to change the placement and direction of the lights. Great for providing task and accent lighting, as well as lighting for artwork, monorail fixture heads come in a variety of styles and functions. Browse Tech Lighting monorail heads and LED monorail heads today.

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Freejack Aero Head
Tech Lighting
$124 - $157
Freejack Sprocket Head
Tech Lighting
$132 - $157
Freejack Sportster Head
Tech Lighting
$116 - $132
Freejack Mini OM Head
Tech Lighting
$104 - $128
Freejack Tele Head
Tech Lighting
$136 - $148
Showing 1-5 of 5