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“Dogology: Color Therapy for Dogs”
Created for the River North Association "Parade of Pet Homes," Summer 2004

See our QuickTime movie with Donald the dog : low bandwidth version (1.4 MB) or high bandwidth version (6.7 MB). Need QuickTime player? Get it here.

Designers: Chicago interior designer Lukas Machnik and Gregory Kay of Lightology

Concept: “Dogology” is a tongue-in-cheek homage to pets and their owners. Starting with the experimental field of “color therapy” and its theories connecting colors with emotions, “Dogology” is a space that bathes the pet in smoothly changing washes of colored light.

Materials: Like all the “pet homes” in the Parade, “Dogology” began with a stock plywood kit. The designers then stripped the structure down to bare elements and created new surfaces using white acrylic sheets to best disperse the colored light. The light source is a color-changing L.E.D. lamp that uses very little power and produces next to no heat – making “Dogology” a safe home for any pet. Curtains and cushions add final touches of luxury.

Some color therapy concepts: violet is soothing, red stimulates the immune system, yellow stimulates the lymphatic system (www.holisticbird.org/modalities/color.htm) ; green balances the body, blue is calming (http://handicappedpets.com/alternative_medicine.htm). Note: Lightology does not necessarily endorse color therapy and the claims of its proponents.

“Dogology” was displayed at Lightology (215 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago; tel: 312-944-1000) between June 18 and July 22, 2004. As a highly successful participant in this auction, the “Dogology” pet home raised $1300 to benefit the Anti-Cruelty Society. Because Lightology believes in the unique nature of our home's design, we entered the highest bid for “Dogology” and plan on putting it on permanent display in our showroom.

Note: “Dogology” is designed to function as a pet home for indoor use only.


Inquiries: Amanda Haschke, Lightology (773-883-6111 Ext. 238), ahaschke@lightology.com. Hi-res images and video available.