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IES Chicago Chapter Event

spoke at Lightology on March 18th regarding

"Light, Color and Health"

Prof. Oberkircher gave a stimulating and thoughtful presentation to over 60 attendees on the latest studies linking light and health, and how they can affect spatial and interior design practices.
The relationship between light and health is no longer a back-burner topic. From SAD (Seasonally Affective Disorder) to the impact of Circadian rhythms to neo-natal jaundice and vitamin D production, light – specifically its spectral distribution (read: color) - is once again in research scientists' focus. Lightology is pleased to host this event in cooperation with the IES Chicago Chapter.

Scholar, architect and interior designer Fred Oberkircher is Professor at Texas Christian University (TCU) and Director, TCU Center for Lighting Education. He is also president of the West Texas Section of the IESNA, Vice President for Educational Activities of the IESNA, Secretary of NCQLP, and currently serves on the Board of the IALD Education Trust as well as the Board of the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education. He is passionate about lighting education - specifically, the role of color in providing high-quality environments. For more about Prof. Oberkircher, please click here.

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