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Living Room Lighting

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Living Room Lighting

The living room is home to a wide variety of activities. It's where we come to wind down after a long day, read a book, work from home, watch TV or chat with friends and family late into the night. A versatile space like this needs layers of lighting to set different moods and cater to various functions.

Living room table lamps and floor lamps offer pools of localized light at eye level, creating an intimate and social atmosphere. Strategically-placed floor lamps can soften a room's corners, while table lamps on side tables double as reading lights.

Wall lights on dimmer switches soften a space and tie a room together, making the living room more inviting. If you have art on your walls, accent heads on monorail and wall-mounted picture lights are both great solutions for giving your artwork the attention it deserves.

If your ceiling is high enough and space isn't a concern, chandeliers, pendant lighting and multi-pendant suspensions are eye-catching decorative fixtures that can act as a visual centerpiece to the living room. Ceiling flush mounts or semi-flush ceiling lights can take the place of chandeliers and suspensions in smaller spaces and in living rooms with low ceilings. Put all ceiling lights and suspension lights on dimmers to keep the room cozy.

Finish off your living room's design with home accents that add a personal touch.

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