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New Context Gallery brought the gallery scene right into the middle of the party
(Click on photos for full-size versions)

The New Context Gallery represents contemporary American and International artists in all media. The work shown in New Contexts reflects the complexity and variety of current aesthetic practice, spanning cultures and disciplines, creating a bridge between experimental and established forms. We exhibit art work which provokes critical debate and challenges comfortable aesthetic positions. The gallery is a Global Art Salon providing an opportunity for Chicagoans to experience the constantly changing art scene.

Kasia Kay and Gosia Koscielak
Founders and Directors


Global Art Salon 2 is currently on view at Lightology on the 3rd floor. Participating artists include:

Sandra Bermudez
Bozenna Biskupska
Judith Geichman
Teresa Murak
Lisa Sipe
Chris Wasko
Yvette Kaiser Smith
Gosia Koscielak
 Photos (clockwise from upper left):
 1. Yvette Kaiser Smith's Ocular
 2. Lisa Sipe's Family Portrait
 3. Kasia Kay with Lukas Machnik, Ricardo Ramirez, Casey Penry, Jeanne Penry (front)
 4. Sandra Bermudez artwork
 5. Lisa Sipe's Untitled
 6. Chris Wasko's Untitled
 7. Garland Taylor and Kasia Kay / artwork: Judith Geichman's Untitled (l) and Teresa Murak's Handmade paper with seeds of Lady S-Smok (r)
 8. Gosia Koscielak's Eco-Digital Lake

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