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Tech Trak - distributed by Lightology

Manufacturer: Tech Lighting LLC

This product will debut at NeoCon 2003, June 16-18, in Chicago. Come see us in booth 1115-2!

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Key innovations:

  • World's first 120-Voltage hand-bendable track lighting system.

  • Rail can be curved in the field to most any shape.

  • System uses special fixtures for new high-efficiency and high-brightness metal halide bulbs.

  • System has special adapters to accommodate low-voltage fixtures alongside line-voltage fixtures.

Expected release date: June 2003

Expected pricing: comparable to design-grade low-voltage lighting

Tech Trak combines beauty with flexibility in a lighting solution. It is not only fully adaptable to any space (as the track is hand-bendable in the field), but it also delivers efficient and high-power illumination with a graceful elegance. Until now, hand-bendable track lighting existed only in low-voltage systems, which are limited in brightness. For the first time, Tech Trak raises the bar to accommodate a full 120 volts in a hand-bendable rail. Special fixtures to hold powerful metal halide bulbs allow the designer to put plenty of light exactly where desired. This system therefore combines the best of aesthetics and performance: sinuous lines, efficient-yet-powerful line-voltage bulbs and fixtures, and even the option to use a wide range of low-voltage fixtures and pendants.

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