Architectural Lighting Fixtures & Commercial Lighting

Commercial spaces require efficient, purposeful lighting for employees and the public they serve. In addition to providing comfortable, ergonomic task lighting for those at work or clean overhead lighting for showcasing products, commercial lighting includes systems that provide guidance and keep people safe - like reliable emergency lighting and clearly visible exit lighting.

Define your space with streamlined architectural light channels and plaster-in LED systems from PureEdge Lighting. Showcase your favorite artwork with display lighting and picture lighting from WAC Lighting. Highlight those special products with modern track lighting from ConTech or Juno Lighting. Provide visibility and a sense of safety with bright entrance lights, flood lights and security lights from Nuvo Lighting and MaxLite. Whatever your need, you'll find the perfect solution in our extensive range of energy-efficient architectural and commercial lighting fixtures.

Need some help making your choice? As always, our ALA-certified lighting experts are here to make suggestions or answer any questions you might have.