Bartucci Salon

Chicago, IL

The Bartucci Salon offers premium haircare services with a clean, contemporary design scheme. Scroll through and see how founder Erin Bartucci partnered with Lightology lighting consultants to create a dreamy, chic space for her patrons.

Managing Partner Erin Bartucci sought to create lighting within her space to match the premium design aesthetic but simultaneously offer an effective light source for her patrons and salon stylists. The Vesper Collection from Maxim Lighting did just that, as the hand blown glass globes give both the upscale appeal and practical illumination of a modern lighting design.

The lighting design of the main styling area is not as cut and dried as one might assume. Both decorative and task lighting must be utilized in concert, to illuminate the precise nature of a stylist's work but also provide a comfortable, relaxed vibe for salon clients. In this space, it's just enough of both as the sturdy vision of salon ownership and the experience of Lightology lighting consultant Alyssa Barton partnered for something beautiful.

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