Home Office Ideas

Working from home is growing in popularity, and the home office is quickly becoming our main HQ. Designing a space with ample storage, high-tech features and versatile lighting is crucial to keeping us calm, creative and concentrated. Give your space the promotion it deserves, with these stylish home office ideas.

From a quiet, dedicated suite to a cozy corner workstation, the perfect home office is whatever fits your needs. When it comes to lighting, variety is key. Overhead lights and suspensions are great above a desk. Picture lights enhance bookcases and artwork, and adjustable floor and desk lamps come in handy when you need something more focused. Don't stick to one light source, give yourself options. If noise is an issue for you, consider an acoustic-enhancing fixture like the Under the Bell pendant from Muuto.

The real workhorse of the home office is the desk lamp - targeted task lighting for reading, writing, arithmetic and beyond. Desk lamps are one of the most functional fixtures out there, ready for just about any task at hand. If you have a large desk and need a wider swath of light, consider a taller lamp that you can maneuver. If you need something simple for reading or drawing, perhaps a smaller portable lamp with an adjustable head will do the trick.

Proper storage is just as essential as great lighting. Supplying yourself with multiple shelves, drawers and cabinets ensures that everything has a home - crucial to any efficient workspace. Think through what tasks you do most in your home office, and build out from there. Even the most techie day job requires a few spots for storage.

Even in the home office, it's important to feel inspired. Artwork, prints, textures and sculptures add color and life to an otherwise utilitarian environment. No office should feel drab or dreary, liven up your surroundings and create a space that sparks ideas or calms your nerves without creating distractions.

If you have the option, carve out an office with a view. Natural lighting and fresh air help clear our minds, and the surrounding scenery may even assist with those ponderous moments. If windows and views are not an option, consider the benefits of Warm Dim & Dynamic Tunable White technology. Controlling the color temperature - and mood - of your space can have major impacts on both productivity and emotion; it's what the experts call: Human-Centric Lighting.

No matter what desk lamp you choose, or how much storage you have, the ideal home office should make working from home easier. If you're easily distracted, perhaps a dark and quiet space will help you focus. If you're more of the creative type, fill your walls with artwork to drum up ideas. Just be sure to change out of your pajamas for that next conference call!

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