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Stylish outdoor sconces for the front door. Accent spot lights for the garden. Portable lamps for the patio. These outdoor lighting ideas will add a little shine to your outdoor oasis.

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First impressions are important, and the front entrance to your home is no exception. Double outdoor wall sconces brighten things up for visitors - from clear glass globes to grittier, industrial fixtures. If you're only using one sconce for your front door, make sure it's on the side of the door you open - you want it to shed light on your guests. Outdoor wall lights are crucial beyond the front entrance - add them to the back deck, near a garden station, above a backyard grill - the sizes, styles and applications are endless.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, most people don't think about chandeliers and pendants. Overhead lighting typically comes in the form of outdoor ceiling lights, string lights or perhaps even an outdoor ceiling fan - all great options. Outdoor chandeliers and pendants bring stylish, unexpected flair to your deck or patio, further blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Outdoor track lighting allows you to move and adjust your lights as needed - point one at a nearby tree, direct another at a lounge chair, and change it all up when guests arrive in the evening.

Landscape lighting is the unsung hero of the yard. Accent spot lights and yard stake lights brighten up trees, shrubs, architectural features and sculptures. Path lights and bollards guide you through gardens, along walkways and down sandy trails when the sun goes down. Well lights and in-ground recessed lighting creates stunning displays from the base of a tree or large flower pot, while pond and pool lights bring a water feature to life. Don't let your flourishing landscape disappear in the dark.

Pathways are one of the most important elements in landscape lighting. Guiding someone through a garden, around a rock, down a beachside boardwalk or up a flight of stairs is incredibly important after the sun sets. Path lights and bollards are the perfect blend of form and function, style and safety - no manicured landscape is complete without them.

Outdoor floor and table lamps are an opportunity to bring functional fun to your deck or patio. A wide variety of styles ensure you can create the lounge space you always dreamed of. Tall, adjustable floor lamps swing from patio bar to game table with ease, while rattan, wicker and wood fixtures mirror the surrounding natural environment. Find a lamp that highlights both your space and your style.

The most crucial element to proper outdoor lighting is flexibility. Nature is unpredictable, and your lighting needs to adjust with it. Portable lamps provide the perfect amount of flexibility, battery-powered and ready to join you at the beach, in the park, at the pool - the great outdoors await, don't let the setting sun limit you!

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