Larose Guyon

If lighting is the jewelry for the home, Larose Guyon is the jeweler.

Situated forty minutes north from the lively city of Montreal is a cozy studio and showroom whose breathtaking designs are taking the lighting world by storm. Drawing inspiration from jewelry, fashion and nature, Larose Guyon's signature high-end fixtures serve as delicate works of functional art that are as memorable as they are magical.

After meeting in 2014, partners Audree L. Larose and Felix Guyon expanded their passions for nature and fine jewelry making into the realm of high-end lighting. Drawing inspiration from fallen branches and fashion icons, the duo has crafted a new wave in modern aesthetics that seamlessly blends simple minimalism with romantic symbolism.

By utilizing the artisans in the Montreal area, Larose Guyon takes their ideas from paper to the showroom. Hand-blown glass, exquisitely twisted jewelry chains, and sleekly casted brass are just a few of the luxury materials that combine to form their innovative, sculptural designs.

For instance, one look at the Coco Chandelier and the viewer is embraced with poetic allure. Ten meticulously crafted glass globes shine like fine pearls while fine-tuned metal details add a warm contrast. Coco is a wonderful example of how jewelry and nature join forces. Inspired by the French Icon, Coco Channel, this stunning fixture wafts with unparalleled sophistication.

Making a statement can be simple. The Perle is a prime example of understated beauty. Clean lines drive this luminaire's aesthetic while an artisan touch is brought to the table by the hand-blown Opal Glass globe. By combining multiples of the Perle, a truly breathtaking creation is formed.

Continuing with Larose Guyon's poetic prose, the Liane's simple silhouette is heightened with a jeweler's approach to design. Spanning horizontally across the space, Liane's sleek profile is visually enhanced by dangling chains that add texture and appeal. Integrated LEDs with Warm Dim technology ensure that the Laine is both energy efficient and capable of creating the right mood for your interior.

Larose Guyon's elevated luminaries drive home Jackie Kennedy's famous statement that pearls are always appropriate. Dress up your home for a fine affair with a mesmerising piece from Larose Guyon.

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