Modern Farmhouse Living Room

From our 2022 Lookbook

Somewhere between Joshua Tree and Texas Hill Country sits this modern farmhouse living room, brimming with southwestern hues, desert textures and artful shapes.

The key to working with an expansive living room is to create regions, each with their own flavor but united in color and material. A sitting area next to the fireplace encourages conversation and serves as HQ for larger friend and family gatherings, while the softer sheepskin chairs carve out a spot for more intimate conversations and reading marathons.

Many of today's modern farmhouses and cattle ranches lie in desert climate, making this southwestern living room the perfect place to highlight a wide variety of regional materials. Leather armchairs, ceramic sconces, beige rose marble and travertine mimic the surrounding geography and invite the natural landscape inside.

Lightology Lookbook 2022

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