Nicola Nerboni

Nicola Nerboni, during the 80's and 90's, worked together with professionals and companies connected with the world of interior and product design. It is by coming into direct contact with design, project managing and product development that Nicola Nerboni acquired the technical expertise that allows him to see and feel the product and to transform it into something real. Visiting artisans' workshops, the habit of working on the details and his natural curiosity towards the new represent for Nicola Nerboni the continuous stimulus for experimenting with materials and forms.

Each “new-born” project is unique and comes to life through an intuition, an emotion, a special place, by trying,  by saying, ‘Why not?’ There is no place for homologation in his works but only for curiosity, research and for the pleasure one finds in creating, in escaping from repetition to look for the useful, the exciting and the honest.

Nicola Nerboni collaborates with Fambuena and Elite as well as with other companies in the field of lighting and furniture, nevertheless not neglecting the internal design, his first and true passion.

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