Bruno Rainaldi

Bruno Rainaldi lives and work in Milan and has been working in design and furniture for over twenty years. He started with Maddalena de Padova in the distribution department and later became partner with Enrico Baleri for Baleri & Associati, a communication and commercial strategies firm which operates in the contemporary design field.

He then founded and became art director of the design firm rari and started to collaborate with different companies including Alivar, for which he created the brillant furniture collection, Blum, MDF, Mussi and Sintesi. In 1994, he participated in the re-launch of Dilmos and created for them, Dilmos Edizioni, a collection of design pieces with strong artistic influences. In 2002, he founded Moco extra ordinary furniture and designed ptolomeo , a totemic vertical bookshelf that won the prize Compasso dOro.

During the same year, he opened, with Marta Giardini, Entratalibera, a contemporary art and design space in the center of Milan. In 2004, he began to collaborate with Massimo and Flavia Ciatti, for whom he designed facebook-genuine mirror, a unique collection of mirrors. He soon became partner of Ciatti a tavola and presented, a year later, a new storage system for the kitchen and living room. In 2005, he started to collaborate with Terzani.

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