Michael McHale

It was not so long ago that Michael McHale made the unlikely transition from entertainment lawyer to acclaimed lighting designer. The spark that ignited his creative surge occurred when his personal search for something more met with his search for the right lighting fixture to adorn his New York apartment.

When the choices available at a local design store failed to capture his interest, the idea of making one himself captured his imagination. The fixture he ultimately created—re-purposed industrial pipes and fittings paired with the finest crystal—would establish a brand new aesthetic in industrial chic design, giving rise to what is now known as the McHale Industrial Collection.

Since Michael McHale Designs’ 2007 launch, both his collections and his reputation have grown rapidly. Featured in dozens of lifestyle and design publications and blogs, McHale’s work can also be found in some of the highest-profile commercial design projects and private residences across the country.


“Beauty is all around us . . . everywhere. It just has to be harnessed in the right way.”   — Michael McHale

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