Raimond Puts

Raimond Puts (1937 – 2012), a Dutch mathematics professor and technical engineer, developed his talent early in life by playing with his meccano toy box. Puts was captivated by how things worked inside and out, and this fascination carried on throughout his life. In the beginning, his technical training consisted of crafting with metal, and this was the birth of a whole new world for Puts. He later began working with cheap materials such as strip-iron, paper, and mosquito nets, as he enjoyed the challenges of creating geometric shapes and models. Throughout his life, Puts worked with various materials, searching for design solutions with persistence and fortitude. With time, Puts was able to refine his pieces by making use of the LED. Ultimately, Puts found a true balance between functionality, simplicity, and overwhelming beauty. Known by Moooi as β€œthe man who brought the starry sky into our homes,” Puts found a way to allow his objects to connect with everything around them. Raimond Puts won the best Woonproduct of 2010 Award with the Raimond light. Although Puts is no longer with us, his designs inspire peace and remind us of the endless amazements that life has to offer.

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