Francesco Lucchese

Francesco Lucchese's design activity is fixed around light and colours: his particular interest tends towards the power of light that can always transmit something to people and the expressive strenght of colours. This interesting way to see design is the reason why he has worked for some important and famous italian brands as, for example, Venini, Egoluce, Luxo, Fabbian: this kind of collaborations has transformed his concept of light in effective and successful products.

Twirl lamp joins the innovative technique of rotational plastic that permits to make objects of big dimension with a single piece and with new technologies of course. Murano glasswares are one of Lucchese's most important passion infact he has invented many vases for great firms like Venini, Salviati, Sardinia Crystal, Nason & Moretti, Cappellini.

He was a teacher of Industrial Design at Brera Academy in Milan from October 1989 until 1991. He has been invited at Milan Politecnico in 1990 in order to preside over the seminar Italian Design for the students of Cincinnati University (USA).

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