November 16, 2018

Q&A with Ferroluce

Born in 1982 by Valter and Miriam Valentinuz with a vision for preserving Italian craftsmanship and excellency, Ferroluce represents tradition and antique charm. Crafted from ceramic, glass and metal and available in a variety of retro colors and vintage finishes, Ferroluce draws inspiration from the nautical, the industrial: Ships, factories, rivet nuts and grid covers. Each fixture carries a nostalgic flavor that’s both charming and familiar. Colors like Vintage Green and Refined Bordeaux are seemingly pulled from a bygone era, updated for the modern world.

We caught up with Giulio Valentinuz - the next generation carrying Ferroluce forward - to chat craftsmanship, vintage appeal and travel.

For those not familiar, what is Ferroluce all about?

In the beginning, the company made iron lighting, collaborating with ceramic makers. In italy, ceramic is very common, so it was natural to use that material. Everything we do is handcrafted in Italy, near Venice, by our small family team. We are truly made to order.

What is the creative process like? How do you make these fixtures with such personality?

Well, we used to sculpt by hand when making models, but now we use 3D models and 3D printing. From there, we cast and heat the fixtures before applying the finish and glaze. Believe it or not, each piece is hand painted. Even the well-worn effect you see on the Vintage finishes is done by hand. It can be tricky to make something new look antique!

How does italy influence your work?

For our traditional fixtures, Italy is very important. My father started this business, and all of his inspiration was italy-based. I have the opportunity to travel the world, so mine are a bit more globally influenced. This retro style actually matches a more US style, a blend of the Industrial era and the retro 1950s.

What inspires you and your design?

Travel! I’m work addicted, and everywhere I go I try to learn something. Spain is one of my favorite places to travel. From Barcelona to Madrid to Seville, there’s so much inspiration there.

What materials do you use?

90% is ceramic, wood or metal. We have 10 colors to choose from, and a few others for select items. Our Vintage finish is actually both a color and the application of weathered decay. Many people don’t realize that the vintage effect is intentional, but I suppose that’s the point!

Where do you see lighting headed?

For us, we’ve made a name for ourselves in Europe, but we’re really beginning to expand in the US and Canada. It’s a style that resonates with many.

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