The best designers are also auteurs, imbuing their pieces with a signature style that is threaded through all of their work. No matter what they touch, from architecture to lighting, they’re able to meet the client’s needs while still incorporating their own distinct voice. And, for the very best designers, their own distinct voice is what the clients were looking for in the first place. That’s Francesco Librizzi.

With works featured in Elle Decor, Domus and Abitare, homes designed in Sicily, Milan and beyond, and a new lighting collection for FontanaArte unveiled at this year’s Euroluce, Librizzi is quite literally lighting up the design world with his unique vision.

As an architect, I’ve had the chance to create the buildings we live and work in. With my new collection for FontanaArte, I’m creating the objects within that space, the lights that play off the interior architecture. It’s really full circle for me.

Born in 1977, Francesco founded Francesco Librizzi Studio in 2005, focused on architecture, interiors, exhibition and product design. His unique style brilliantly blends architectural angles, minimalist framework and clean lines to create almost sketch-like structures.

I’ve always admired the work of Ponti. Historically, architects had to be skilled in every craft because there was no one else to do it. You weren’t just designing a building, you were designing the door, the doorknob, the floor tiles and finishes. For me, working in a variety of disciplines has helped me become more confident as a designer.

Setareh, Librizzi’s new collection for FontanaArte, incorporates his signature style in bold and unique ways. Hand-blown white satin glass floats magically within a wire-thin structure, speaking to balance and counterbalance, trajectories and space. Both architectural and sculptural, the collection of LED suspensions and table lamps are at once unique focal points and unobtrusive works of art.

Inspired by Sufi whirling, a trancelike form of meditation achieved through music, focus and repetitive spinning, Setareh means “star” in Persian, a name quite apropos for Librizzi’s fixtures.

I like to flirt around an idea, I like for there to be an element of fantasy. Setareh is about gravity and movement. It’s not about the fixture itself, but rather how the fixture interacts with its surrounding environment.

When not designing, Librizzi pays his passion forward, lecturing on architecture and design in several esteemed universities across Italy. Like a fine wine, Librizzi’s signature has only become more bold and distinct over time, all the while maintaining the very foundation that embodies Setareh: Balance.

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