Warm Dim Technology

Creating the right ambiance is all about color and lighting. During the day, we want abundant white light to help us focus. But at night, our eyes long for something more soothing.

We dim our lights for many reasons like relaxing for movie night, cocktail hour with friends, dinner dates and bubble baths. When dimmed, incandescent and halogen bulbs have traditionally provided the perfect "warm" atmosphere. So why do LEDs not replicate that ambiance? The solution lies in Warm Dim LED technology.

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How it works

The days of cold, sterile LED are long gone. When standard LEDs are dimmed, the color temperature remains static with minimal color shift - otherwise known as standard dim. Cooler color temperatures typically suffice during the day, but are not in sync with our circadian rhythm at night.

Warm Dim technology, on the other hand, mimics that incandescent-like atmosphere we desire by adjusting the LED color temperature as you dim. Warm Dim fixtures/bulbs are able to be dimmed down to a soothing amber hue, reminiscent of candlelight, providing the same warmth along the halogen curve that you’ve come to expect. The result, a more hospitable environment.

"When I updated my home with LED several years ago, I hated it. The color was cold and sterile, and it dimmed to this eerie color similar to the sky before a bad storm. I thought to myself ‘I know where they use this color - prison! I just updated my home with prison lighting.’ This was the spark for me to incorporate Warm Dim technology - I didn’t want people to make the same mistake I made. Now, Warm Dim LEDs are that perfect relaxing color, just like incandescent and halogen but much more energy efficient."
- Greg Kay, President & CEO of Lightology and PureEdge Lighting

How to Get It

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From the living room to the bedroom, kitchen to the kid’s room, small plate restaurants to boutique hotels, Warm Dim creates the relaxed setting we all desire.

Many of today’s LED suspensions and lamps are available with Warm Dim technology built-in. Simply look for ‘Warm Dim’ or ‘dim to warm’ in the product name or description.

If you already have a light fixture, and you want to add Warm Dim technology without replacing the entire thing, look for Warm Dim bulbs in the size you need. This simple retrofit option will help you set the perfect ambiance without breaking the bank.