Glass Half Full:
Meet London’s Wonderglass
September 20, 2017

In case you haven’t noticed, glass is having a moment. Clear, smoked, colored, ombre, you name it. It’s an age old craft and material that’s being explored in new ways, thanks in part to London-based Wonderglass.

Known for seamlessly fusing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, Wonderglass aims to capture the imagination, through acclaimed designer collaborations and beautifully crafted lighting sculptures realized through Venetian glass blowing.

We are inspired by the idea of finding that ever evolving point of balance between the innovation of the lighting industry, human sensibility and the frontiers of craftsmanship.” Christian Mussati, Founder and Director.

Calliope by Marcel Wanders

From his modest beginnings in Amsterdam to co-founder of Moooi, one of lighting’s most successful design labels, Marcel Wanders has been captivating audiences with his design for over 27 years. One of his latest works, the Calliope chandelier, is influenced by Japanese calligraphy and designed with adaptability in mind. The tasseled pendants can be clustered above a dining room table, or used as a single stand alone piece for a more minimalist look.

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Calimero by Dan Yeffet

Calimero captures the essence of industrial lamps of the past, but with a modern twist. Conveying a delicate coexistence between copper and hand blown glass, the Paris based designer once again proves that design can be simple, yet bold at the same time.

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Hollow by Dan Yeffet

Hollow makes a statement with a floor lamp concept that is equally as intriguing when it’s turned off as when it’s turned on. Unlike traditional floor lamps that serve to light other objects, it’s sure to take center stage in any room with its unique form.

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Flow (t) by Nao Tamura

Tamura took inspiration from the blue-green hues and the glistening reflections of the Venetian lagoon to create Flow(t). At a glance, the pendants appear both submerged and exposed, a symmetrical reflection reminiscent of a waterfront cityscape. Designed for versatility, each pendant can stand alone or be grouped for a structural display.

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Komori by Nendo

Otherwise known as “the black bat”, the Komori chandelier is reminiscent of a colony of bats suspended upside-down. Featuring glass shades casting light downward, it creates unique patterns and visual interest. Bases can be connected to create large or small colonies.

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