Human-Centric Lighting

How exactly does lighting affect our lives? Why does a sunset help us feel relaxed? Why are we more productive under bright, white light? The answers lie deeply embedded in our evolutionary biology, and Human-Centric Lighting is giving us control.


LED Lighting

Lighting technology is evolving at breakneck speed, and LEDs continue to lead the way, cutting down on power usage, warming up in color temperature and offering total lighting control like never before.


The Future of LED

Using advanced optical systems and nano-materials, the CoeLux artificial skylight produces an LED sun in an endless blue sky...

Tunable White LED Lighting

Photographers call it 'the Golden Hour.' For a few fleeting moments each day, the world is bathed in a stunning, ethereal glow that casts a flattering golden light...

Shuji Nakamura - Blue LED

Some of the most extraordinary things come in small packages. Inventor Shuji Nakamura, along with two other scientists proved that theory to be true...

LED Desk Lamp

As LED lamp technology continues to advance, costs have come down and light quality has increased dramatically...


Nick Holonyak - LED Lighting

They're everywhere. Everywhere you go, it's impossible not to come across a device that uses LEDs, and we have Nick Holonyak to thank...


Smart home lighting technology is experiencing its own evolution, but Bay-area startup, NOON Home, is changing the game.

Light Systems

High-tech, customizable and fully scalable, today's advanced lighting systems allow you to build a fixture that fits your needs, big or small.

Pipeline Modular Lighting

Meet Pipeline from PureEdge Lighting, a modular lighting system designed for today's open offices, downtown lofts and urban restaurants.

Recessed Track Lighting

Meet the next generation of track lighting: TruTrack from PureEdge Lighting. Recessed, contemporary, customizable and effortless to install.