King Arthur Mirror Dome Pendant MFR ID: LIG/068
568490 King Arthur Mirror Dome Pendant 106 Mineheart

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King Arthur Mirror Dome Pendant

By Vanessa Battaglia + Brendan Young , for Mineheart
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ITEM #: MHT568490

Designed by Vanessa Battaglia + Brendan Young  

With the King Arthur Mirror Dome Pendant, the legendary medieval King lives on, preserved within a dome. When lit up the domed mirrored glass disperses the light and reveals the subject. This playful lamp takes an icon of the past and gives it an unexpected modern twist. Here the skull wearing a golden crown is encased in glass as if it is a museum relic. 2-way mirrored glass containing a resin skull with a brass plated replica King Arthur Crown. LED module is included. 11.8 inch width x 15.7 inch height x 93 inch maximum length.

  • Finish: Mirror
  • Size: 93"L x 11.8"W x 15.7"H
About Mineheart

Founded in 2010 by Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia, Mineheart combines contemporary and gothic themes to create never before seen fixtures. Inspired by the Shakespearian quote: Mine eye and heart..., Mineheart symbolizes a love for tradition and a passion for unique design. The vast majority of Mineheart's lighting is manufactured in the UK to ensure more control over production, quality and custom projects. See more from Mineheart

Where did the passion for Shakespeare come from?

The company name Mineheart was inspired by the Shakespearian quote: "Mine eye and heart..." to symbolise our dual passions; a love for tradition craftsmanship and eye for contemporary design which are combined in often surprising and delightful ways within the Mineheart Collection.

How does your design process begin?

The root of our approach is always to surprise and delight. This ethos is carried through in our collaborations. We love discovering designers that take a similarly experimental view of design and work with them to create something unexpected."

What does a regular day at the studio look like?

Every day is different, but one of the most exciting moments is seeing a finished prototype of one of our designs for the first time, that and working on new ideas!

Do you have a favorite fixture or one that you feel best encapsulates the brand?

Mineheart's products often combine familiar elements from the past and present and by playing with different genres and styles they offer a uniquely new perspective. Mineheart's modern day mash-ups blur the line between art and design. Two of Minehearts' most iconic designs include the Persian Cowhide rug, which is a marriage between the two most well-known rug designs in the world, and the King Edison lamp which features a miniature King's chandelier hung within a simple Edison-style glass bulb.

How was Mineheart first launched?

Having both trained and worked in product design, we started a design consultancy together in 2003 out of which grew the Mineheart collection. The collection was born as a result of our desire to create more personal and creative work, without necessarily having a client in mind. The products often combine characteristics from both our backgrounds - Italian art mixed with British design. We enjoy reworking materials and using references to traditional imagery but giving them our twist.

Where did the inspiration for the Gold King Edison Grande come from?

The original King Edison as visited by his cousin Midas - gold cap and gold braided cable enhance the majestic look of this design hybrid. Stately solo, or punchy in groups. We then wanted to combine the pure simplicity of an Edison light bulb with the romance and glamour of a Kings chandelier. So we decided to have a miniature brass chandelier inside a hand blown clear glass shade.

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King Arthur Mirror Dome Pendant


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  • Width 11.8”
  • Lamp:  LED
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