Hi Greg,

recently inquired about some replacement bulbs for some I ordered, which burned out uncharacteristically fast. I just wanted to bring attention to how well my issue was resolved, and how nice it was to receive prompt service (esp. note that Harrison was on top of it). I like to give recognition when it's due--there's too little of it in our world. So, thanks for great help and keep it up!


— Christina P.

Hi Greg,

Just a heads up that Harrison Smith provided excellent customer service during my interactions with Lightology. We’re doing a whole-house renovation that involves dozens of vendors, and customer service has generally been awful. I’d like to point out great service when it happens : )

Best regards,

— Fred Love

I suspect that you receive, from time to time, a note or two from a customer who has a discouraging comment regarding service or the like. This is not one of those letters. I am currently in the market for various fixtures for my home. You have come highly recommended through a designer friend who touts your selections with tremendous enthusiasm. So, yesterday I called to explore options for my home lighting and was fortunate to reach your associate named Natalie. She was tremendously helpful, pleasant and professional; so much so that I have decided to purchase with Lightology even though many stores carry the line I favor. Natalie went above and beyond and was the kind of employee I or anyone would be proud to have. You are lucky to have such a strong representative for your business. Yet I am sure that this you already know. Just thought to pass along my experience.

— Laura

Good morning Detras,

Thanks again for all your help, you and your team have given me some of the best customer service I have ever received, your company should be very proud of you all. I look forward to doing business with you guys in the future and will try to not be nearly so much trouble. Thank you again.

Best regards,

— Wolfe C.

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with the level and quality of service received by Harrison Smith. My brother and I had an unfortunate incident where the threading on a Bola suspension light failed, causing our light to fall. Harrison calmly and quickly worked with us to explain appropriate steps and get the fixture to the manufacture for inspection.

I can say with confidence that the level of service I received so far has been beyond expectations, and because of that I will use Lightology in the future.

— Jonathan B.

Hi Jen,

Thanks so much for the emails regarding shipping on my purchases. I assume you are the pleasant woman I spoke with on the phone regarding the status of these items. If so, I compliment you for an exceptionally pleasant phone experience, for the time you took in tracing my orders, calling WAC and then emailing me on the shipping info. Great customer service. Please provide this email to your manager because they need to know what a valuable representative they have in you!

All best regards,

— Helen M.


Thank you for taking care of this! Great connecting with you today - you are my kind of people. :)

— Karen K.

Good morning Aris

I have to compliment you on your excellent customer service! Your responses have made my day - and brought a smile and laughter to my office.


— M. Wilkus - Wilkus Architects

I would just like to express how professional, helpful and courteous Harrison Smith was, while handling my return of damaged glass shades. Congratulations on having him on your team!

Kind regards,

— Anna W.

Luke Roberts in your Customer Service Department went above and beyond. He reached out to the manufacturer for us (which led us to learn that there are not one but two bulbs in the fixture) and found the information that I have been digging for, for almost a month in less than 24 hours. He was great to work with! Unfortunately we don't run across such great customer service on a regular basis today, so I wanted to take a moment to say thanks!

— Angie A., Carol Fox and Associates

The purpose of my email is to let you know how helpful Amanda and Harrison have been to me these past several months. They have truly gone out of their way to assist me in the purchase and installation of Eurofase track lighting.

Amanda assisted me in first finding bulbs and replacement heads, as well as a skilled electrician, Daniel Sternat, as I'm strapped financially. This was a small order but she treated me incredibly well. Above and beyond as my grandfather would have said! When the order arrived, she even walked the bulbs over to my home at 70 W. Huron to ensure the order was not further delayed.

When the bulbs and replacement heads did not work, she helped me again to find a replacement kit. Amanda even visited my condo to review my home to ensure that the choice "fit" the existing layout and feel.

When the replacement kit did not work (my renter told me multiple bulbs simply "fell out"), Amanda and Harrison obtained a replacement kit. When that didn't work they arranged a "field credit" through Eurofase to my credit card. They didn't quit until the project was done.

I don't know what to say except they are superstars and have been utterly dedicated. They truly, truly have made every effort to assist me to bring this project to fruition. No doubt they cringe whenever they see my email address!

— P. Shaughnessy, Chicago, IL

I have been working with Katie to place a small order and she has been fabulous! Everyone else I have been in contact with in regards to the order has also been great. I work retail and really appreciate great customer service on the rare occasion that I get it. The prompt response to my emails and phone calls are really refreshing! Please keep doing whatever your doing! Thanks and have a great evening.

— Reena L.

I had the great opportunity to speak with Detras Taylor in your customer service department tonight, and she was so helpful. She took the time to direct me where to apply for a trade account on your website, and to put together a materials list for an upcoming order that I need to place. She was friendly and very knowledgeable, and I look forward to working with her again soon.

— Melissa M.

Detras helped get my order straightened out, and has since been my contact at your company (I've purchased more lighting once she became involved). Detras took personal responsibility for ensuring I had a great experience with Lightology, and she succeeded. She's really great to work with.

— Brian

I just wanted to let you know about my great experience with one of your employees - Harrison smith. He helped me with a defective lamp shade and was super helpful and friendly. Based on my experience I will definitely turn to you all for any lighting needs I have in the future!
Thank you,

— Shalini P.

I have been very impressed with your company and the service I have received through the website and, ultimately, from Xavier. I would recommend your company to others.

— Karen C.

All of my interactions with Lightology---from sales to service-have been nothing short of wonderful! Harrison is terrific! Great at following up, following through and solving issues with the vendor. Also, he kept me posted every step of the way. One cannot ask for better customer service.

— John D.

Just a short note to let you know that Detras took care of a matter in your absence and she was extremely professional, courteous, nice and pleasant. If every company had a Detras on staff matters would be accomplished efficiently and the company would function better. She is a great asset to Lightology.

— B.L.

Thank you for your assistance, Mr. Smith...the plate glass arrived quickly and in perfect order! Both lights are mounted and a beautiful amenity to our condo. I love them!! Thank you also for outstanding customer service and for the quick response from your company. We will be sure to recommend Lightology to others who are looking for fixtures.

— Jane S.

Thank you - the lamp is perfect, masterfully packed and arrived in great shape! Works beautifully!
Kind regards,

— Greg

Dear Detras
Thank you so much for your prompt and gracious lower price match. My shopping experience with Lightology has been superb! I have recommended your store to a friend who is also renovating her apt. I am looking forward to shopping with you again.

— Dr. N R Cohen

Ashley is a gem. She has been working side by side on a condo lighting project. I am amazed by her expertise and great people skills.

Wendy, yesterday, at your outlet did everything she could to help me get a humongous lamp home safely in the middle of a heavy thunderstorm—offering to call a cab, etc. I am very impressed by the level service. Your lighting is fabulous but so are your people!

— Elise G.

Hi, ladies, thanks again for following up. I have to tell you I'm really impressed with the quality of your customer service and "can do" attitude. You have earned my future business and I promise as soon as the project is finished I'll post pictures on your Facebook page along with glowing reviews. You deserve it! Most grateful,

— Ariadna Sanchez-Garcia, Interior Designer, Allied ASID

I want to commend Amanda – she was very responsive and helpful in assisting my wife and me in obtaining a transformer that we urgently needed – such excellent customer service is uncommon these days.

— J. Sarles from Chicago

I am an interior designer who has benefited greatly with lighting design consultation Mr. Moises Malave has provided. In remodelling our home recently, Mr. Malave provided excellent solutions including using the new Edge recessed light, using LED strip lighting for one SKLT, using Edge recessed step light in a another SKLT, Swarovski DR ceiling pendant lights for table, recessed floor lighting, large poster lighting with a projecting adjustable wall mount light, LED puck lights creating a glow behind frosted glass for a kitchen display, marvelous modern outdoor lighting that has interior light and downlight capability, and bathroom lighting which included a magnifying mirror light and Greta wall sconces. Moises filled orders with complete needs that included transformers, dimmers and proper lamp/s. Adding to the end result success factor was the ability to call Moises if the electrician requested consultation regarding unique installations such as the Edge recessed ceiling light, Aurora, including the over plaster.

Moises's advice always focused on purpose, light quality/color and light intensity. The end result throughout the house is "just right" lighting that serves the function it was needed for, but does not create an overdone theatrical affect.

— T. Lindmark, Interior Design

I wanted to extend to you a positive experience i have had with harrison smith. he has been wonderful in helping to track an issue with some missing fixtures. he did some detective work - weighing similar shipments to confirm that the lights we were missing could not possibly have shipped! he truly was helpful, pleasant, and resourceful. it is very nice to encounter helpful customer service!

— Lisa S. from Kansas City

I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the look of the lighting that I purchased from Lightology. Both the kitchen cabinet and art lighting really look great and completely change the feel of my place.

I also wanted you to know that I was thrilled with Intellis’s work in my apartment. They handled themselves very professionally, responded to both my needs and the demands of the building and did a fabulous job in the installation. I really appreciate the reference to Peter and I would be happy to serve as a reference to you and Peter for any potential customers in the future.

— S. Smith

Thank you for recent work on the installation at the Smith's new home. We were very pleased with the efficiency of the installation, and your involvement was key to its success. We appreciate the effort it takes to prepare for these installations and thank you for your willingness to provide us with expert assistance and professional service.

We look forward to working with you again on future projects. Thank you again for your hard work.

— Semelsnow Interior Design, Inc.

Thank for your assistance with the order. The lights look better than we expected and your customer service made it a pleasure to work with Marc and Lightology. I always fret working with any company I find online and out of my state but you exceeded my expectations for the complete transaction. We'll call you again for our lighting needs.

— Daniel N.

I wanted to share a positive experience that my wife and I recently had with a member of your staff at Lightology. Jeffery Morris did a great job helping us select lighting fixtures for our entire condo that we had lost to a fire last year and are currently rebuilding in the Lakeview neighborhood. The process of rebuilding our place has been very time consuming and stressful, but when it was time for my wife and I to shop for lighting, Jeffrey could not have made it any easier. Jeffery did a great job of listening to our ideas and then using his experience and vision to provide recommendations that would give us the final product we desired. In addition, Jeffery was considerate of our budget when making these choices since we were dealing with a limited budget due to insurance issues. My wife and I were truly pleased with the work Jeffery did and we cannot wait to see our condo finished with the fixtures and ideas recommended to us by him. We will be recommending Lightology (and Jeffery) to any of our friends wishing to do lighting work (but hopefully not due to a fire!!!).

— Kevin and Julie W.

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful employee you have in Natasha. I was having some difficulty finding the correct light bulbs for two fixtures I had recently purchased and Natasha not only offered to send them to me without cost but when I mentioned that it would be easier for me if she sent them to my office, she quickly made the arrangements. In a time where one usually gets recorded messages or computerized voices, it was lovely to have her available via the Internet and to have her be so accommodating. You are fortunate indeed. Thank you very much for all of your products that I have bought. You certainly have a wonderful company!

— Laura M.

I ordered 2 Berenice lamps, both of which arrived damaged. This note is not about me or my experience, but simply to say that one of your reps really turned the situation around for me, and I really appreciated the sincere, courteous, responsive treatment I received from Jade.

Jade responded very quickly and professionally to all of my communications. She displayed genuine concern and empathy at my situation on numerous occasions. She offered me every "out" so that I did not feel trapped into dealing business with a potentially unresponsive retailer (sorry about that). Frankly, I wasn't very nice about my contact with Lightology because I was so frustrated. But Jade went out of her way to rectify the situation (giving me updates, offering a way that I could get a replacement lamp without waiting for the first to get back to you, providing a way for me to order a 3rd lamp without slowing down the process for the returns, finding a way to direct ship the lamp from the manufacturer so I was sure not to get a used lamp).

How you recover from a mistake is often more important than the mistake itself. Jade and Lightology did a really nice job of making me feel that my needs were understood and being met, so I just wanted to say thank you. (Also to Lightology for being flexible about paying the shipping to take the damaged lamps back and ordering a replacement TEATIME lamp for me.)

— Rob L.

I want to thank you ... for all of your patience and assistance! Everything looks great and you two were fantastic! I would not hesitate to recommend Lightology to anyone and let them now that I know of two employees ... who have gone above and beyond regarding customer satisfaction!

— Hank G.

I'm writing because I wanted you to know what a fantastic experience I have shopping and ordering my lighting through Lightology. I especially want to thank Jessica who has consistently gone way more than the extra mile to take care of all my orders. She called me personally after I put in my initial order through the web site, to confirm that all the details of my items were as I expected, and she also identified some corrections I needed to make.

She has gone to great lengths to contact me at every point to ensure I was satisfied, and to expedite additional items I needed to make the installation work better. I have never experienced this level of customer care - and I mean CARE - from any supplier, let alone a web-based business. Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Jessica for steering me patiently through the process while we are trying to complete our house construction. She has been an angel!

I am incredibly impressed with Lightology, and have no reservations in recommending you to anyone shopping for lighting. The choice of products you offer especially appeals to us, as europeans: the quality is high, and the styles are unusual and very contemporary.

— Lise P.

I wanted to compliment the great service and attention that I have been given by both Casey Penry and Mark Horning, in choosing and purchasing my Fanimation Fans.

My first contact was with Casey and he was great! He than put me in touch with Mark to finalize my order, who was also very helpful, and took good care of me and my order. I look forward to getting my fans, and doing business with you all in the future!

— Valerie G.

...My wife uses that [Edge Night Owl] all the time. Thanks again, I have no problem sleeping while she's reading in bed.

— Brent S.

Thanks for your help Nancy. I also wanted to let you know that the lady who works at the front desk of the warehouse was extremely helpful - it is a pleasure to work with individuals who know their job well and are empowered to make decisions.

— Julie J.

Just want you to know that Harrison has been so helpful with the situation I had. He was diligent with following through with me and I am grateful and pleased. If needed, I would definitely purchase from your company and again. I am in the advertising and marketing industry and have a “big mouth”….I will recommend your company without fail. Have a blessed day.

— Sandra C.

I wanted you to know how pleased I was with Harrison E. Smith's quick response in getting my newly purchased Artemide Talak Floor Lamp fixed. I am very pleased with your customer service and would definitely recommend your company to my friends.

— Kay H.

Dear Xavier,
We moved into our house last September and I've been meaning to thank you ever since - we love our lights (the electric mirrors and the vibia particularly). We have had many compliments. I'm always delighted to recommend Lightology, for the range of products, competitive pricing and top notch customer service.

— Sophy A.

Just wanted to take a moment to thank your team for the service we got. We ordered all our lights for a new house and while there was a manufacturer issue with one Harrison stayed on top of it and was quick to get it resolved. It's great to see a company that cares about it's clients and repeat business

— Shahrad S.

I have been working with Jen Roulo, customer service assistant manager. She has been wonderful. I cannot say enough about her. She handled everything promptly and in a highly professional manner. She was able to persistently work on my issue as well as reassure me during the process. The ultimate resolution was attained through her hard work and I always felt she was right there balancing my needs as well as the company's. She is a true asset to Lightology. Her considerate attention is greatly appreciated.

— Sheryl L.