Patrizia Garganti

Patrizia Garganti continues the artistic tradition of Tuscany with a collection that explores the intersection of art and lighting.

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Coup de Foudre Chandelier
by Patrizia Garganti
$7,140 - $8,434
Coup de Foudre Pendant
by Patrizia Garganti
$4,553 - $19,556
Coup de Foudre Linear Chandelier
by Patrizia Garganti
Frida Chandelier
by Patrizia Garganti
$8,720 - $10,752

Widely considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence, Italy is well-known as a hub of culture and arts. In 1976, two Florentines continued this artistic tradition by founding Patrizia Garganti as a design lab for the creation of indoor lamps. Today they bring the quality and elegance of Tuscan design to the world with a collection of artful lighting. Through the exploration of new techniques and a commitment to the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, Patrizia Garganti pieces possess a unique character that will give life to luxury spaces.