Masiero merges its Venetian heritage of exquisite craftsmanship with progressive artistry and modern design. The results are exquisite, vibrant fixtures with distinctive personality and timeless elegance.


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Eva Table Lamp
by Masiero
$697 - $2,134
Ola Pendant
by Masiero
$2,389 - $12,793
Nappe APP Wall Sconce
by Masiero
$663 - $697
Ola OV30 Wall Light
by Masiero
$816 - $1,182

When Paolo Masiero and Marliena Pellizzato established Emme Pi Light-Masiero Group more than 30 years ago, it was with the philosophy of being “craftsmen of light.” Headquartered in Conscio di Casale sul Sile—just a short distance from Venice—Masiero Group quickly became known for lighting that merged the region’s heritage of exquisite craftsmanship with an unmistakably artistic, bespoke sensibility. When son Enrico Maria joined the company in 2001, it prompted a new generation of design and production, leading to the Classica, Eclettica and Ottocento collections. Although each grouping is defined by distinctive features, personalities and focuses, their shared DNA affirms that every luminaire from Masiero Group is as precious as it is decorative, and imbued with a timeless aura of exclusivity and elegance.