Graypants embodies its principles of responsible design, materials and production. Exemplified by its signature Scraplights line which repurposes cardboard to create gorgeous, contemporary designs, Graypants works to keep the world beautiful and well-lit.


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Wick Portable Lamp
by Graypants
Drum Scraplights Pendant
by Graypants
$1,403 - $2,410
Moon Scraplights Pendant
by Graypants
$345 - $974
Disc Scraplights Pendant
by Graypants
$464 - $731

As architects in Seattle, the founders of Graypants stumbled upon the unique power of lighting production and exhibition. Since stepping onto the stage of contemporary lighting in 2007, Graypants has introduced a variety of custom products designed to fit a wide range of needs without compromising the fundamentals of great design. From public artwork to architectural installations to residential and commercial lighting, the unmatched craftsmanship and resourcefulness of Graypants will capture the eye and imagination alike. Made in the USA.