With exquisitely crafted contemporary lighting that can double as sculptures, Elan works to create advanced lighting fixtures that lift a space up, bringing stunning and inspiring illumination that compliments everything within.


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Four Sided Edge Lit Mirror
by Elan
$565 - $990
Everest Pendant
by Elan
$1,260 - $1,660
Ryame Lighted Wardrobe Mirror
by Elan
$930 - $1,210

Inspiration was the sole idea behind the creation of elan. With just one word, the notion grew and thoughts of possibility ensued. Each artist has an unwavering dedication to design unforgettable lighting that resonates with homeowners and speaks to the importance of detail. Elan uses light to express their deep passion for art and design. Each fixture is meant to lift a space, bring stunning illumination that compliments everything within it. Elan crafts innovative contemporary lighting that double as sophisticated sculptures and bond you with your space.