How to Use 3D Tips and Tricks

Looking for further guidance on how to navigate Lightology’s augmented reality feature? Let us illuminate the way so you can seamlessly experience our products in the comfort of your home.

3D Step 1

1. Find a clear and well lit space.

3D Step 1

2. Choose a product.

3D Step 1

3. Choose View in 3D Icon.

3D Step 1

4. Select an option.

3D Step 1

5. Choose View In My Room Icon.

3D Step 1

6. Slowly scan the floor from left to right until the product appears.

3D Step 1

7. Move product to desired location.
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How To Scale A Fixture in Your Space

3D Step 1

Moving a fixture side to side

Place your index finger on the product. Move your index finger directly to the left or right to adjust product placement.

3D Step 1

Moving a fixture closer or farther away

Place your index finger on the product. Move your index finger up on your screen to push the product away from you, or down to bring the product closer to you.

*Do this slowly, depending how close or far the product is in relation to you, it will scale in size.

3D Step 1

Placing a fixture on the ceiling

Place your index and middle finger on the product. At the same time, move both fingers up on your phone screen to take the fixture up to the ceiling.

*Do not pinch your fingers during this process, as it will start to resize the product.

3D Step 1

Making a fixture larger or smaller

Make a pinching motion with your index finger and thumb on the product to scale it down, or move fingers apart from each other to scale it up.

*The best way to get an accurate scale of a product in your room is to keep the product at 100% and move it closer or farther away from you with your index finger by moving your finger up or down on the screen.


How do I get the product to show up in my room if my phone continues scanning?

Make sure that you are in a well lit and cleared space, focus on scanning the floor from right to left slowly and then moving the object to your desired location after it appears in your room.

Why does it feel like I can’t properly manipulate the product in AR?

Navigating AR for the first time can feel tricky, we recommend moving the product around your room slowly to avoid distorting the scale of the product model. If the product appears too far away or too close and is difficult to manipulate, you can exit out of the AR view and go back in for a fresh start.

Why isn’t the product instantly loading?

We pride ourselves on high quality photo realistic models to give you the best impression of the actual products. More complex fixtures sometimes take a second longer to load. Having a strong internet connection can also help with a speedy load time.

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