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When it comes to architecture and design, knowledge is as crucial as taste. Our rotating schedule of helpful CEUs and virtual learnings are here to keep you abreast on all things lighting and design.

Ceiling Fans 101

CEU | Ceiling Fans 101

Find out everything you need to know about residential ceiling fans - from science and technology to regulations.

July 7 | 2PM CST

Outdoor Lighting

CEU | Specifying Outdoor Lighting to Last in Coastal, Tropical, Desert & Mountain Climates

Learn the outdoor lighting fabrication and finish considerations for maximizing UV and corrosion resistance.

August 9 | 2PM CST

Low Voltage Lighting System

Low Voltage Lighting System Design Basics

Learn why, when and how to design with scalable LED lighting systems.

August 23 | 2PM CST

Emerging Lighting Technologies

CEU | LED 301 – Emerging Technologies in Decorative Lighting

Learn the latest technologies, materials, electronics and standards for LED luminaries.

Sep 13 | 2PM CST

Color of Light

CEU | Let's Talk About the Color of Light!

Discover how the color of lighting affects different environments, and learn how best to use and specify across the spectrum.

Oct 3 | 2PM CST

Lighting Controls

CEU | Lighting Controls as a Component of Interior Design

Find out how lighting controls can impact the lives of occupants and performance of a home, including enhanced energy efficiency.

Nov 4 | 2PM CST

Architectural Lighting Systems

CEU | Using Architectural Lighting Systems for Interior Lightscaping-

Learn the use of various types of architectural lighting systems and their role in creatively shaping light within interiors.

Dec 2 | 2PM CST