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Whether you’re remodeling your entire home, business or just one room, design projects can often be complicated. With all the moving parts to consider, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we have Project Manager — neatly organized, easy to use and loaded with great features. This tool will help you keep track of ideas and costs at a glance.

Project Manager Features

Create By Room

Create By Room

Break out your project into rooms or spaces - it’s easy to add rooms as needed.

Add Products

Add your favorite products, and specify where and how you ‘d like to use each item in your space.

Add Products
Manage Costs

Manage Costs

Keep track of all costs at a glance. Project manager offers live pricing and lead times as well as trade pricing.

Provide Access

Give clients, contractors, designers, architects and anyone else you wish either read-only or editing access for collaboration.

Provide Access Project Manager
Manage Costs

Upload Files

Upload complimentary files to your projects.

Unlimited Projects

Create an unlimited amount of projects, and reuse your favorite spaces.

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Unlimited projects with project manager

How It Works


Open Project Manager
When you access your Lightology account, you'll see 'Projects' in your left dashboard.

Open Project Manager


Create Your Project
The tool makes it easy to create as many projects as you’d like by clicking ‘Add New Project’.

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Add Your Products
To add product, just click ‘Add to Project’ on the product page.

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Work Room By Room
Save products to specific rooms and add helpful notes for reference.

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Try It Now
Try our Project Manager if you're planning your next renovation, or just want a place to save your thoughts and ideas.

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Get A Sneak Peak

Love that chandelier, but aren’t totally sure if it works? Get a preview of what it might look like with our Virtual Staging service by clicking ‘Create Virtual Tour’ button on your project page.

What's Virtual Staging
Learn about virtual staging benefits

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