April 22, 2019

Green Tips
for Sustainable lighting

While lighting is a vital component to our everyday lives, it’s important to consider the impacts of excessive energy usage from an ecological perspective as well as the strain on societal infrastructure. Properly conserving electricity through maintenance, technological advances, and lighting install logistics is not only responsible for the environment and future generations but can save many homeowners and business owners substantial money. Lightology is committed to assisting consumers in formulating more informed lighting purchases and also increasing the efficiency and sustainability of current lighting systems. Read our top 10 green tips for sustainable lighting in your home or workspace below.

Switch to LED Bulbs

A solid long-term investment, switching old incandescent bulbs and fixtures to LED technology can save energy and cut electricity bills for businesses and homeowners. According to the US Department of Energy, residential LED technology uses at least 75% less energy and is usable up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. How can you help? Start by switching to a more sustainable LED bulb in your home or business and replace traditional incandescent lighting.

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Employ tactical task lighting

Lighting a painting, illuminating a staircase, installing a reading light at your bedside; task lighting can be just as useful as main overhead ambient lighting in your effort to save energy and reduce your utility bill. Installing useful and practical task lighting allows you to use a fraction of the energy of overhead lighting while still achieving satisfactory illumination of your space. Consider a reading light for evening convenience or a picture light to illuminate your favorite piece of art.

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Wash walls with light

Consider walls a canvas for your light. Effectively illuminating these surfaces creates even, artful lighting in your home or office. Because walls have the ability to reflect light, their positioning in relation to your lighting systems help diffuse and spread overhead and ambient lighting. One of the best ways to take advantage of wall light reflection is by washing walls with light and allowing the light to diffuse and spread evenly throughout the space. Explore this product line for inspiration on how to wash walls with even illumination.

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Install Dimmers

Dimming technology continues to advance and consumers that adopt this trend into their home or office often see benefits to both quality of life and their utility bill. Besides the obvious energy savings of dimming your lights and thus using less wattage, dimmers also extend the life of your light bulb, providing security for your investment in quality, energy-efficient light bulbs.

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Use lamps

Why light the whole room when you can light the space you are using? Lamps can help consumers avoid the common pitfall of excessive overhead lighting by providing task and ambience lighting to your bedside, living room, office, etc. Shop Lightology’s extensive collection of Floor and Table Lamps for pieces that will help light your home and provide a simple solution to light saturation.

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Keep fixtures and light bulbs clean

Dust and particulates can keep your bulbs and fixtures from utilizing their full available illumination potential. Wiping bulbs with a soft, dry cloth using low pressure will help your bulbs efficiency over time and help return their original luminosity. Make sure that all electrical switches are off and bulbs are removed from their sockets before cleaning for best results.

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Strategically choose paint colors

Many home and business owners don’t realize the impact that paint color can have on the amount of lighting needed to adequately illuminate a space. Dark hues tend to keep the space just that, dark, by absorbing the available light and storing it as heat energy while cool and light colors tend to reflect light more readily, utilizing the energy powering your home in a more efficient manner. Peruse our instagram for stylish ways to blend paint color and lighting.


Employ the Open Floor Plan

The open floor plan is back in style and one of its many benefits is the contribution to lighting efficiency. Open plans within a residence or office allows light to flow freely throughout entire levels of structure. Explore our installation gallery to see how other home and business owners have integrated their lighting into an open floor plan.

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Purchase from Sustainable Vendors

Sustainability starts from the source. By choosing vendors that utilize recycled materials, manufacture responsibly, and engage in green logistic practices, consumers can do their part to support sustainability in the lighting industry. Explore these 4 brands that do their part to keep lighting sustainable and earth-friendly.

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Exemplified by its signature Scraplights line which repurposes cardboard to create gorgeous, contemporary designs, Graypants works to keep the world beautiful and well-lit.

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David Trubridge

David Trubridge’s designs feature light fixtures that are constructed from the most sustainable timber, plywood and plastic available, and only non-toxic, organic oil finishes are used. The brand also ships items without assembly to cover their carbon footprint as they ship worldwide from New Zealand.

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Staunchly opposed to the modern throw-away culture and driven by a less-is-more design philosophy, Pablo seeks to create lasting objects that can be used for a lifetime.

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Most Varaluz fixtures incorporate 70% recycled steel and/or 100% recycled glass, as well as other reclaimed, natural, and sustainable materials.

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