January 28, 2019

LED Technology:
Warm Dim and Tunable White

LED is a rapidly advancing technology that has revolutionized the lighting industry. LED light bulbs designed to replace halogen MR16s or traditional incandescent bulbs improve light output, last longer, save energy, and are becoming less expensive each year. More exciting, light fixtures are being designed with integrated LEDs from the start, which has opened up a new world of design possibilities. Designers no longer need to design around a light bulb but can instead dream up unique ways to incorporate the LED light source into the fixture.

At the same time, the overall light quality for LEDs has improved drastically, making them accessible options for homes. Measured on a scale of 1 to 100, CRI is an indication of how accurately a light source renders color within the space it occupies. The higher the CRI, the more natural the light looks. Incandescent and halogen lights have a CRI of 100. Whereas a CRI of 85 was considered advanced LED technology several years ago, 95+ is the new standard today.

Although LEDs are taking over the world, they aren’t flawless yet. Two new technologies are quickly becoming the standard and bring us that much closer to LED perfection: Warm Dim and Tunable White.

Warm Dim

When a typical LED light is dimmed, it becomes cooler or bluer. These standard, Cold Dim LEDs affect our natural circadian rhythms and make us feel more awake when we want to wind down in the evening. Warm Dim LEDs change the game. Simply put, Warm Dim technology allows LED lights to dim down to a warmer color temperature, replicating the effect of incandescent and halogen light bulbs. With Warm Dim, your LEDs lights now provide that comforting, amber glow all while remaining energy-efficient. This alluring technology is becoming popular with homeowners and business owners alike and will soon be everywhere.


One of our favorite lighting fixtures is the Glide suspension with Warm Dim technology from PureEdge Lighting, a great addition to your kitchen island. For cove or cabinet lighting, PureEdge Lighting now has Warm Dim Soft Strip (coming soon). Select a 2700K color temperature to mimic incandescent lighting and a 3000K color temperature for the look of halogen lighting. From Tech Lighting, we love the Ambist Flush Mount and Alva Pendant for their elegant, fun designs.

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Tunable White

Dynamic / Tunable White is an LED system with a variable Kelvin color temperature range from 2000K to 4000K. Tunable White allows you to choose any color temperature between a very warm 2000K and 4000K, a brighter, bluer light that mimics daylight. While Warm Dim offers only pre-set color temperatures of 2700K or 3000K that become warmer as you dim the lights down, Tunable White allows you the freedom to select any color temperature that suits your mood, independent of dimming. This groundbreaking technology lets you have the cozy color temperature of glowing candlelight (2000K) at full brightness, with a CRI of 95. You can even wire up your Tunable White LEDs to an astronomical clock and program them to shift from a brighter, bluer light during the day to a warmer amber glow in the evening.

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The most elegant way to control your Tunable White lights is to use an PureEdge Lighting Tunable White Touch Controller. An alternative, cost effective solution is to use two separate dimmers, each with their own power supply; the Skylark Dual Dimmer will also work.

Lightology offers a wide range of products from PureEdge Lighting that use Tunable White LEDs, including Reveal and Reveal Wall Wash, which beautifully accent the architecture of your space. For ultra-minimal, plaster-in lighting, consider TruLine from PureEdge. It’s flexible, easy to install and compliments your home’s architecture

Verge creates a floating wall effect wherever it’s placed, while Verge Door Frame creates a floating door effect.

From PureEdge Lighting, the Bardot Vanity and the Audrey Vanity redefine any bathroom and give it new flair. Tunable White Soft Strip is also available from PureEdge Lighting. Each of these products creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere while providing you with unique design possibilities.

Product Recommendations

Audrey Tunable White Bath Bar
by PureEdge Lighting
$208 - $1,026
Bardot Tunable White Bath Bar with Remote Power
by PureEdge Lighting
$211 - $1,016
Alva Pendant
by Tech Lighting