Modular, scalable orbs of suspended LED.

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Designed by Toan Nguyen, Vibia's Algorithm system is a mesmerizing embodiment of light and geometry. A simple kit of striated, handblown glass spheres, metal rods and black cables serves as the foundation for endless compositions. Create a space within a space, with geometric cascades and static clusters that take on the shape and practical requirements of any environment.


The metal matrix support structure serves as the basis for Algorithm, branching out in an endless array. Create a static rectangle above a dining table. Fill an atrium or lobby with globes at alternating heights, giving the appearance of undulating waves of illumination. Drop spheres lower near a reading nook or task area. Encircle a bar with a soft, warm glow. Algorithm sculpts space, making your fixture both impactful and practical - how minimalist or maximalist you go is entirely up to you.


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