Recessed lighting in 5/8" thick drywall.

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The TruLine recessed architectural lighting system is the original 5/8" plaster-in solution from PureEdge Lighting. Providing clean, glare-free illumination, TruLine recesses into the ceiling or wall, bringing light to those hard-to-reach dark spots where a suspension or lamp just won't cut it. TruLine is also made for electricians, able to be cut, merged, redirected or bracketed to create evenly lit lines, Xs, Ts and custom angles without any joist modification.

TruLine Recessed Lighting System

Bring the wall and ceiling together with PureEdge Cirrus, Nova, and Zip Channels with their convenient TruLine Build-It-Yourself (BIY) components. Make 90 degree turns on the ceiling with no socket shadowing. Or try an eye-catching picture frame installation. Endlessly versatile, you can customize TruLine to achieve stunning results in your home, office or commercial space.

Sleek, streamlined and sophisticated, the TruLine lighting system turns drywall into your canvas. Designer-grade high-CRI LEDs conveniently recess within -inch drywall without any need for joist modification. The slim extrusions, LED strips and lenses are available in 1-foot increments up to 20 feet and are field-cuttable. Warm Dim 2700K-2000K (27D) and 3000K-2000K (30D) color temperature options make TruLine perfect for every purpose.

TruLine Recessed Lighting System

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