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Verge is an innovative lighting system that elegantly highlights the contours of your space. It simply plasters into the drywall where two surfaces meet - creating a minimalist, yet stunning display of light. Better yet, there's no need to modify joists or studs. Versatile and easy to install, Verge is designed for ceilings, walls and corners, and can also be configured to frame doors.

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Verge offers unsurpassed flexibility that transforms interiors into thoughtful, unique works of art. Ambient and harmonious, the plaster-in LED system blends into the drywall to enhance the contemporary aesthetic of interior spaces. The effect of Verge is the sense of a floating wall that creates depth in the space. Install Verge on a single surface for toe-kick and cove lighting applications. Create clean lines of light to define the ceiling and walls. Make rooms glow with ambient light in a variety of colors. Make the drywall your canvas.

Verge can elevate your space with static white, Warm Dim, Tunable White or even RGB and RBG+W, giving you unlimited creative freedom. Verge features 95+ CRI and casts smooth, continuous indirect and ambient illumination. Verge Wall, Ceiling and Corner aluminum channels are slim and paintable, recessing into drywall with no joist or stud modification for easy installation. Start transforming your space today.

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