Recessed Wall Transformer For Monorail

Installation Instructions

  • 1. Turn off power at electrical panel
    * make sure you turn off the correct breaker
  • 2. Install a single gang junction box for a switch or magnetic low voltage dimmer directy above existing outlet
  • 3. Run two black #12 gage wires in BX or conduit from junction box to outlet leaving enough extra wire to reach transformer
  • 4. Install the 300 Watt or for 2 circuit 600 watt Reccessed Wall Mounted Transformer next to the existing wall outlet
  • 5. Install the low voltage lighting system and then the canopy box at correct height to feed power to the system.
  • 6. Run two #10 gage braded wires from wall/ceiling canopy box to Reccessed Wall Mounted Transformer