Lee Broom

Perhaps a result of his origins on the stage, Lee Broom's luxury designs are dramatic, possess a strong sense of character and even seem to tell a story. A room filled with Broom fixtures is a room sparkling with imagination, adventure and whimsy.

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Orion Tube Suspension
by Lee Broom
Eclipse Pendant
by Lee Broom
Orion Globe Suspension
by Lee Broom
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About Lee Broom

Founded in 2007 by British designer Lee Broom, this unique and award-winning line of lighting, interior furnishings, and home accessories is designed and manufactured in the UK. Once called the Marc Jacobs or Tom Ford of furniture, Lee Broom is one of the leading interiors and product designers in the UK today. Broom works closely with manufacturers to preserve the integrity of his products and, drawing from his backgrounds in theatre and fashion, delivers dramatic couture for the home. Browse our selection of Lee Broom contemporary chandeliers, pendants, and table lamps.