Tunable White LED Lighting: An In-Depth Look

Photographers call it ‘the Golden Hour.’ For a few fleeting moments each day, the world is bathed in a stunning, ethereal glow that casts a flattering golden light, bringing out the natural warmth and beauty in our skin tones. Now, with Tunable White, the beauty and power of the rising and setting sun can live with you in your home, controlled by the turn of a dial.

Dynamic / Tunable White is an LED system with a variable Kelvin color temperature range from 2000K to 4000K. Create a wide range of moods – from bright and cheerful to warm and cozy, all at the touch of a button.

Color Temperature Chart

Tunable White LEDs let you tune your lighting to suit your mood.

The benefits of Tunable White technology are not purely aesthetic. This fall, the Department of Energy released a new report on a pilot program of the installation of Tunable White LED systems in a senior-care facility in Sacramento.

The test was designed to examine how Tunable White lighting would affect residents’ sleeping patterns, safety during the night, and their general moods and behaviors. A common problem for residents at the senior care facility is disturbed sleep, due to aging and ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease. The hope was that with Tunable White technology, these problems could be alleviated. Rooms would be set at 6000K in the mornings to stimulate alertness, 4100K in the afternoons for more balance, and 2700K in the evenings for warmer, more tranquil lighting that would hopefully aid residents in preparing to sleep.

Tunable White LED

From left to right, the morning (6500K at 66% output), afternoon (4000K at 66% output), and evening (2700K at 20% output) Tunable White LED settings in the newly revamped ACC Senior Care Center in Sacramento.

The results were impressive. Tunable White LED lighting was installed in some of the resident’s rooms, and behaviors such as yelling and crying decreased, and the need for psychotropic and sleep medications were reduced in some instances as well. The common room equipped with Tunable White became the more common destination for residents throughout the facility. Energy costs were reduced as well. You can read the full report on the Department of Energy’s website.

It’s a slow process to overhaul the lighting in our nation’s healthcare facilities, but transforming your own home can happen today. We all benefit from the reduced costs of LED lighting, and the health and aesthetic benefits of a warmer, more controllable living experience.

With Tunable White, you can also adjust the color temperature of your home to fit the time of day and the activities they bring. We are all affected by light – happy and content on sunny summer days, morose and lethargic during cloudy weather and bleak winter nights. A bright, daylight atmosphere can keep you alert and on-task during the day, while warm, amber tones help us to relax and enjoy home life and romance in the evenings. When you look good, you feel good, and the warmth of Tunable White can help you look your best. With Tunable White LED technology in your living room, bedroom, and even your bathroom, you can explore the endless lighting climates available, and find the perfect balance for your own life. It’s truly something you must live with to fully appreciate.

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