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Using advanced optical systems and nano-materials, the CoeLux artificial skylight produces an LED sun in an endless blue sky. The overall effect is of natural light pouring into the room.

For total control over your interior environment, revolutionary Tunable White LED fixtures let you capture the sun and create a wide range of moods at the simple touch of a switch. Bask in the mid-day sun or the flattering glow of sunset any time you choose, even on a cloudy day.

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Gregory Kay LED Lighting Design

Tunable white LED soft strip
by Gregory Kay

Tunable White LED Soft Strip lighting offers unprecedented control over your interior environment. From sunrise to daylight to sunset, select the tone of light that suits your mood at the touch of a button. Capture the cheerful radiance of broad daylight by selecting the highest color temperature. Recreate the evening sun’s Golden Moment and bask in the cozy amber glow of sunset by selecting the lowest color temperature. Perfect for cove lighting and in recessed linear architectural systems by Pure Lighting, Tunable White LED Soft Strip lets you enjoy your perfect lighting at any time of day or night.

Paolo Di Trapani Coelux Lighting

Coelux Artificial Skylight
by Paolo Di Trapani

CoeLux LED artificial skylights and windows offer incredibly realistic reproductions of natural light. Advanced optical systems and nano-materials within the fixture produce an LED sun that rests in a convincing blue sky, both appearing at an endless distance. CoeLux casts a swath of artificial sunshine with sharp, blue-toned shadows that mimic the effects of daylight within the Mediterranean basin. Enjoy sunlight in any room at any time – day or night, rain or shine.

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RGB White LEDs

Create dynamic lighting accents with RGB White LED fixtures by Pure Edge Lighting. Whether it’s a subtle pop or a saturated wash, adding color creates visual interest and stimulates emotion. Expand your design palette from a warm white glow to a rainbow of hues with these flexible lighting solutions.

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