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Bath Bar & Vanity Wall by Varaluz

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Brand : Varaluz   ×
Price Range : $500 - $999   ×
Tinali Chandelier
by Varaluz
$369 - $689
Soho Bathroom Vanity Light
Hammered Ore Statue Garden 
by Varaluz
$179 - $539
Rain Bathroom Vanity Light
Hammered Ore Rainy Night  
by Varaluz
$179 - $579
Affinity Bathroom Vanity Light
by Varaluz
$479 - $599
Fascination Bathroom Vanity Light
Hammered Ore Kolorado Metallic Silver Nevada Zen Gold 
by Varaluz
$249 - $629

Bathroom Wall Vanity Light Fixtures

The right vanity wall lighting fixture offers the perfect combination of style and functional, flattering light. Browse a wide variety of modern and contemporary bathroom lighting, including bathroom wall vanity light fixtures, bathroom wall sconces, bath bar, bathroom wall lighting and more!

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