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Light Channel

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Light Channel - LED Lighting

Light Channels are slim aluminum extrusions that act as a both a housing and heatsink for LED Soft Strip. Light Channels use a variety of lenses to achieve different beam spreads, maximize light levels, diffuse light or create dramatic grazing effects. Surface mount light channel mounts to most surfaces for a linear line of light that looks great under or above cabinets and in coves. 45 degrees light channel mounts to most surfaces and delivers light at 45 degrees angle. Ideal for below cabinets, step lighting or retail displays. Micro grazer light channel creates dramatic grazing effects for walls up to 9 feet high. Ideal when accentuating vertical surface textures like brick, stone, sheer curtains or edge lit glass. Millwork light channel is ideal for furniturs or under cabinets. Perfect for retail stores, libraries and closets.