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Ceiling Semi Flush Lighting

Combining the style and refinement of chandeliers and suspensions with the smaller footprint of a ceiling flush mount, semi flush ceiling fixtures are the perfect way to bring light, character, and a more finished look to smaller contemporary spaces. These close to ceiling lights have a rigid stem that position the fixtures up to 18 inches from the ceiling.

Add sophistication to your modern motif with close to ceiling lights from designer brands such as Tech Lighting, Artemide, Swarovski, Leucos, the Lightology Collection, and more.

Before you buy make sure you choose a ceiling fixture whose scale is in balance with the size of the room. Use our Ceiling Mounted Fixture Guide to help you determine the perfect size for your ceiling semi flush mount light.

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Rain Flush Mount ChandelierWet location
Maxim Lighting
$1,250 - $1,690
Scudo Saraceno Serpentine Ceiling Mount
Venetia Studium
$1,762 - $2,630
Domos Semi Flush Ceiling Lamp
Lightology Collection
$1,788 - $2,156
Kyoto Linear Pendant
Corbett Lighting
Tresor Ceiling Light
Terzani USA
$1,400 - $2,150
Mimi Semi Flush Mount
Maxim Lighting
Bliss Semi Flush Ceiling
Corbett Lighting
Mosaic Dome Semi Flush Mount
$2,340 - $2,420
Taurus Semi Flush Mount
Maxim Lighting
Chimera Semi Flush Ceiling
Corbett Lighting
Rock Star Ceiling Flush Mount
Corbett Lighting
Quadralli Round Pendant
Fine Art Lamps
Mami Ceiling Light
$3,052 - $3,457
Constructivism Multi Pendant
Fine Art Lamps
$3,045 - $5,145
Semi Flush Mount 2032
Lightology Collection
$2,915 - $4,005
Encased Gems Semi Flush Mount
Fine Art Lamps
Spin 30 Light Semi Flush Ceiling Mount
Lightology Collection
Montone Semi Flush Mount
Jacco Maris
$4,369 - $7,528
Chelsea Chandelier
Lightology Collection
Marylin Ceiling Flush
Axo Light
$829 - $7,261
Sultans of Swing Ceiling Lamp
Brand Van Egmond
$5,116 - $6,486
Beveled Arcs Semi Flush Mount
Fine Art Lamps
Helix Ceiling Light
Lightology Collection
$5,077 - $5,516
Mercury LED Ceiling Light
Victoria Semi Flush Ceiling
Brand Van Egmond
$5,330 - $6,219
2031 Semi Flush Mount
Lightology Collection
Allegro Vivace Ceiling
Showing 361-400 of 409