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Path Lighting & Bollards

Light the way, providing safety, security, and style with outdoor path lights and bollards. Path and bollard lighting not only illuminates your walkways and landscape but also make a property seem larger when placed strategically. Browse wet location rated bollard lights and pathway lighting from brands like Hadco, Hinkley Lighting, SLV Lighting, the Lightology Collection, and more.

Square Pole Exterior Bollard
SLV Lighting
$296 - $1,072
Harbor Exterior Path Light
Hinkley Lighting
$0.00 - $155
Q-Bic Outdoor Path LightWet location
Lightology Collection
Noctus Bollard
Lightology Collection
$144 - $297
Saturn Exterior Path LightWet location
Hinkley Lighting
$0.00 - $144
Vap Slim ExteriorWet location
SLV Lighting
$156 - $234
Otos Glas BollardsWet location
SLV Lighting
Rusty Bollard
Lightology Collection
Q-Bic One Head Outdoor BollardWet location
Lightology Collection
$624 - $860
Q-Bic Dual Head Outdoor BollardWet location
Lightology Collection
$953 - $1,188
Grafit Wall LightWet location
SLV Lighting
$186 - $214
Rusty Square Outdoor BollardWet location
SLV Lighting
$390 - $550
Sky Solar Landscape Light
Luce Plan USA
$653 - $729