How to Make the Most of Lightology's Lighting Consultants

by Alexis Buryk

Searching for the best lighting for your home or design project can often be intimidating. The more options that crop up, the easier it is to feel completely overwhelmed and frustrated with a process that could be simple, personally satisfying, and even enjoyable.


This situation is where Lightology Lighting Consultants shine.

From fitting individual lighting fixtures to designing large projects in residential or commercial spaces, Lightology Lighting Consultants are the not-so-secret luminaries of the showroom. They're certified by the American Lighting Association and rigorously trained in-house by Lightology staff, but their true authority comes from their calm consideration and ability to attentively guide clients through their projects from start to finish.

Curious about what it's like to work with a dedicated consultant? Here are some tips and tidbits from the consultants themselves on how to make the most out of your Lightology experience.

Asking the Right Questions

Consultant Jackie Bowen encourages clients to think holistically when they are ready to look for fixtures. It's not just about what you're looking for; it's about why you need lighting. Do you actually need to increase the amount of light in a certain area? Do you want an aesthetic upgrade, or just something completely different? Asking yourself these questions, in addition to bringing in example photos of fixtures that catch your eye can go a long way toward helping your consultant get a sense of what your style is like and what might best suit your particular needs.

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Making Time

Another way to maximize your Lightology experience is to call ahead. Katie Possley emphasizes that educating her clients and spending as much time as possible with them is key to the client-consultation dynamic. "Alot of people come in here having looked online for hours and are already completely overwhelmed, and I tell them, that's why we’re here. We're not just here to help you pick your fixtures, we're here to help you figure out why you want these specific fixtures in your space and if they're right for you." Making an appointment with a Lightology Sales Consultant isn't necessary, but it allows them to prepare for your visit so you can make the most of their time and yours.

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Inside the Showroom

Everywhere in the showroom there are optical delights that could potentially suit for your needs. For clients, consultants are the confident navigators of seemingly limitless possibilities. "What we show is literally scratching the surface of what we can get," says consultant Amanda Kirvan. After having a conversation about requirements and style, taking a walk around the showroom discussing what fixtures catch your eye, and learning more about the physical space in which your fixtures will go, Kirvan and the other consultants know what won't work and what will. "There are endless options," says Kirvan, "but I'll point you in the direction of the ones you will like best." This is one of the most satisfying parts of a consultant's process: like a matchmaker, they want to find the fixture that is perfect for you, utilizing their vast knowledge of the impact lighting has on interior design and architecture in order to find the right fit.

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After the Showroom

Longtime consultant Moises Malave also finds satisfaction in cultivating the trust of his clients over long-term projects. Your lighting needs may require only one meeting, or they may necessitate several meetings over a period of months. Consultants and the customer service team act as liaisons between clients and contractors, and know intimately the intersection of design and technology that elevates average lighting to something truly great. Many consultants have worked with clients on multiple projects, and enjoy these interpersonal relationship a great deal. While the end result to every project is not necessarily shared with the consultants, they all love when their work is successfully finished, and a client can bask in the glow of their new fixtures knowing that every detail has been well considered and supervised by experts.

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Available for Everyone

Consultants are ready and eager to assist whether you've got a $100 budget for a living room table lamp or a $10,000 budget for a complete revamp of your kitchen lighting. In-store consultations are completely complementary, and available to clients regardless of need and project scope, aligning them with Lightology's greater goal of not only providing extensive quality product offerings, but sharing valuable lighting education as well.

For more information about all of our Lightology Lighting Consultants and to schedule your in-store appointment, contact us.

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